Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Rival to SSRN?

When Elsevier acquired SSRN, the vast research repository, academic antennae went up. Would a commercial owner make unfortunate changes? From the Scholastica blog    :

Concerns quickly came to the fore regarding the potential of the mammoth Elsevier threatening the open access nature of SSRN by inhibiting the free dissemination of papers. Additionally, a red flag was raised when Elsevier announced that SSRN would soon be migrated to its academic network Mendeley.

Scholars remain wary of the SSRN takeover and many, especially those in the legal community, have been hopeful for an alternative scholar-led repository to emerge so that they could move their papers away from SSRN. In May of 2017 this hope became a reality when a group of legal scholars and law librarians launched LawArXiv, a new community-led legal scholarship preprint repository. In the interview below members of the LawArXiv Legal Scholarship Advisory Board​​ share how they got the repository started and how they’re working to expand it in order to encourage researchers to keep their papers within the legal scholarship community.

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