Tuesday, August 8, 2017

7 Things You Need To Know As A First-Year Attorney

Some great advice from Above the Law:

7 Things You Need To Know As A First Year Attorney by Kerriann Stout.  Comments mine.

    1. You are going to feel insecure all the time. Everybody feels insecure their first few weeks as an attorney.  Just realize that all first years feel the same way and it will get better.
    2. Substance over form.  The attorneys you are working with are looking for solid analysis and clear writing.
    3. Mentors are everything.  I had some great mentors in my first job.  The associates who failed to find a mentor didn't last very long in my firm.
    4. Legal assistants and paralegals should be your best friends.  Essential advice.  I would add secretaries and all support staff.  One of my fellow associates was severely criticized by our general managing partner for her treatment of the support staff.
    5. Your going to be poor for a while longer.  This gets better, too.
    6. No one is going to set boundaries for you.  Your employers will expect you to be a full adult, who understands the legal profession.
    7. You are going to have to shallow your pride.  This is very true, but it's important.  You are going to have to earn respect.  You may have a J.D. and a nice office, but your secretary knows more than you do.

(Scott Fruehwald)



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8. Check for typos. They speak volumes about the way in which you approach your work.

Posted by: Lawrence Rosenthal | Aug 8, 2017 12:46:14 PM

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