Sunday, June 18, 2017

Star Professor Reveals Teaching Secrets

Yale Professor Jonathan Reuning-Scherer packs in student at his statistics course. The prize-winning prof recently revealed a major insight:

“When I think about what keeps people’s attention,” Reuning-Scherer considers, “it’s not who has the coolest example or flashiest slides: it is tone of voice.” The details of his presentation extend far beyond course material; breathing, cadence, and volume all are tested methodically for effect. “Where I pause, when my voice goes up or down, when it disappears altogether, or when I tell a stupid joke…being conscious of that has had the greatest effect” on sustained engagement in his class. With a sample size of some 300 students, retaining attention demands ingenuity—and, often, a herculean effort.

You can read more here (I haven’t a good link; please search around on page 2) (or here) where he also discusses his use of the flipped classroom.


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Excellent information ! I completely agree with the routine. I have not thought about it, but it exists already. Letting your writing "age"...great point and one which will be implemented immediately.

Posted by: Alena Sham | Jun 27, 2017 2:30:06 AM

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