Thursday, June 15, 2017

More Women are Heading Fortune 500 General Counsel Offices

From Bloomberg Big Law Business:

More and more women are being hired for the top lawyer jobs in Fortune 500 companies, and more of them are being hired via external searches instead of promoted from within, a new study has found.

In 2016, 35 percent of new Fortune 500 general counsel jobs were filled by women, whereas in 2012, women made up only 24 percent of new hires, according to an advance copy of the study provided to Big Law Business. What is more, the number of women hired as GC from external positions has jumped in the past three years. Traditionally, women have joined the GC ranks primarily through inside promotions, but in 2016, as many women GCs were hired from externally as internally. . . .

[Maria]Green said the structure of corporations can be more meritocratic than law firms, where business is often passed on through relationships.

“Nobody cares who you socialize with or who you play golf with,” she said. “Because you don’t have the pressure of billing hours or bringing in work, it’s just about how well you do the work. It’s a system where it’s easier for the cream to rise to the top.”

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