Friday, May 12, 2017

New York Bar Results: February 2017 Exam

From the New York State Board of Bar Examiners, here are the results from the February 2017 bar exam:

Pro Bono Scholars 86%

All ABA Graduates –First-Time Takers 71%

New York ABA Schools –First-Time Takers 69%

Out-of-State ABA Schools –First-Time Takers 71%

Foreign-Educated –First-Time Takers 46%

All First-Time Takers 61%

All ABA Graduates (first-time takers & repeaters) 52%

All Foreign-Educated (first-time takers & repeaters) 34%

All Candidates (first-time takers & repeaters) 44%

Pro bono scholars are 3Ls who are allowed to take the bar in their third year in return for devoting their last semester of study to performing pro bono service for the poor through an approved clinical or externship program.

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