Sunday, August 3, 2014

College Prez Lists Leadership and Management Principles

Scott Scarborough, the new president of the University of Akron, is requiring senior administrators to follow his set of principles. Among other things, he includes a list of “Mistakes/Problems":

• Failing to work hard.

• Failing to serve others with an attitude of humility.

• Failing to pick up trash.

• Having a personal agenda incongruent with the organization’s agenda.

• A breach of confidentiality.

• A breach of honesty or trust.

• Losing one’s cool.

• Having a persistently negative attitude.

• Taking issues personally.

• Being territorial.

• Putting the needs of a unit ahead of the needs of the institution.

• Failing to support or help a team member.

• Failing to acknowledge one’s own weaknesses and the compensating strengths of

diverse team members.

• Failing to maintain an orderly and clean work environment.

• Acceptance of mediocrity within one’s area of responsibility.

• Wasting money or other resources.

• Being late to meetings.

• Missing agreed-upon deadlines.

• Failing to hire people who are smarter than you.

• The inability to keep things simple.

• Overspending one’s budget.

• An unwillingness to try new things.

• The inability to answer a question directly and succinctly.

• Not doing what you say you will do.

• Using external stakeholders or students to leverage positions of self-interest.

• Lacking courage to tell people what they need to hear—not what they want to


• Using personal relationship(s) with board member(s) to pursue a personal agenda.

• Failing to put students first.

You cn read the rest of President Scarborough’s principles here.


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