Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Three online legal research engines announce major redesigns

Over at Robert Ambrogi's LawSites blog, there's a report from the recent American Association of Law Librarians annual meeting in San Antonio last week that three of the big players in online legal research are planning some significant redesigns including Lexis Advance, Fastcase, Wolters Kluwer.  Mr. Amborgi reports that Lexis Advance plans changes (click here and scroll down) to make its platform even quicker and easier for users.  Lexis representatives told conference attendees to look for the new Lexis Advance to roll out towards the end of summer which should be just in time for 1L legal research training.  Fastcase is also planning some major redesigns to its legal research platform by making the visual search feature (click here for a video) more prominent.  Fastcase CEO Ed Walters told Mr. Ambrogi to expect that roll-out shortly after the new year.  And Wolters Kluwer is planning to release a new platform called Cheetah that, among other features, will consist of a three panel screen display  with primary content in the middle, saved searches on the left and direct links to practice tools on the right.

Apparently Mr. Ambrogi got exclusive access to some of the changes coming to these search engines so if you want to know more details, head over to the LawSites now and get the scoop.


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