Friday, July 25, 2014

Our Students: 12 Years Later

The American Bar Foundation is conducting a survey of young lawyers over their first 12 post-law school year. Here are some preliminary findings:

  • The most powerful partners in law firms control most of the allocation of work assignments and hours to associates. White males remain dominant in these roles and tend to favor other white males in allocation.
  • The proportion of women and people of color among a law firm’s partners has a greater impact on hiring, retention and promotion than the presence of formal mentoring programs.
  • Appeals to legal mandates for diversity can be more influential than appeals to the business rationale among managers.
  • Compared to their white counterparts, lawyers of color face considerable hurdles in acquiring new jobs in the event of firm dissolution.
  • Attorneys of color are more likely to stay at law firms when they receive effective mentoring and socialize with partners.

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