Thursday, July 3, 2014

BU will implement new practical legal skills program for 1L students next year

While practical legal skills are all the rage these days, typically law students are not eligible to enroll in such courses (or clinics) until their second or third year.  BU Law School is going to change that by implementing a new mandatory program for 1Ls next year called the "Lawyering Lab." It will be a week long, one credit course where students will get exposed to transactional legal work through a simulated business deal.  The National Law Journal has more details:

Boston University to Offer Real-World Training to 1Ls

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All 1Ls will be required to complete the school’s so-called Lawyering Lab—a weeklong, one-credit course in which they will learn transactional law by simulating a business deal.


“The course requires students to marshal the legal concepts they have learned and to bring them to bear on a real-world problem,” said professor Kent Coit, who heads the school’s transactional law program. “Students will practice key lawyering skills to achieve a client’s objectives within the bounds of the law.”


The students will role-play as attorneys representing business clients on two sides of a deal. They will be presented with a scenario based on a transaction between a large U.S.-based company and a small foreign company. The deal centers on the commercialization of medical device technology owned by the foreign firm, and involves litigation between the two parties.


The 1Ls will review a supply agreement and draft a contract geared at avoiding future litigation. They will identify the client’s goals and any legal constraints and opportunities, working under deadlines in collaboration with colleagues.


“Through interactive discussion and hands-on exercises, the students will consider whether a business deal should be pursued by their respective clients, and what the deal should look like,” said professor Fred Tung, who will lead the initiative.

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