Monday, July 7, 2014

Another Great LWI Writers Workshop

Just before the Legal Writing Institute’s Philadelphia conference, LWI sponsored the eleventh annual LWI Writers Workshop. Ten LWI members brought themselves and their manuscripts to the Villanova Conference Center to discuss scholarship and getting published and to receive intensive small group feedback on their works-in-progress. I was privileged to facilitate along with Deborah Gordon (Drexel) and Steve Johansen (Lewis & Clark). The participating scholars were:

Sherri Keene (Maryland)

Anne Villella (Lewis & Clark)

Kristin Hazelwood (Kentucky)

Ken Chestek (Wyoming)

Martha Kanter (Northwestern)

Grace Dodier (Northwestern)

Bernadette Gargano (Buffalo)

Cathren Koehlert-Page (Barry)

Elizabeth (Betsy) Lenhart (Cincinnati)

Rosemary Queenan (Albany)

 Helping to run the workshop is one of my most favorite projects. I get to work on interesting ideas with interesting and fun people. We bring together a group of professors, both veterans and newbies to the scholarly world, and  deal will a range of  topics, both Legal Writing and other topics, and get to spend time with friends, new and old.

 Next summer, we probably will hold the Writers Workshop before or after the Storytelling Conference in Seattle in mid July. Please start thinking about attending.


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