Friday, June 20, 2014

N Y Times SCOTUS Reporter Tells Why He Left Law Practice

In an article in the Harvard Crimson, NY Times journalist Adam Liptak explains why he took a pay cut to join the Times and also passes on some advice. From the ABA Journal:

“The experience tested my ethical compass, and it coarsened my behavior,” Liptak wrote. “I was sometimes a jerk in dealing with my adversaries. I was sloppy in accounting for my time. I managed to care deeply about whether associates at the firm across the street were making a few dollars more. I did almost no pro bono work.”

After four years in the trenches, Liptak took a pay cut to work as a First Amendment lawyer in the legal department of the New York Times Co. At that point he was closer to his dream job.

“I once heard a great piece of advice from Judge Robert D. Sack of the United States Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit,” Liptak writes. “He was asked the secret to getting your dream job. Here’s what he said: ‘Hang around the hoop and hope someone gives you the ball.’

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