Sunday, May 18, 2014

Do Student Evaluations Have Any Value?

If you’re looking for affirmation of the deficiencies of student evaluations, you can click on “Slate” to read the entertaining views of Professor and columnist Rebecca Schuman. Is there an alternative? Here is her suggestion:

Actual constructive criticism can be delivered as it ought to be: to our faces. Any legitimate, substantive complaints can go to the chair or dean. There is no reason for anonymity—after all, we have no way to retaliate against a student for a nasty evaluation, because we can’t even see our evals until students’ grades have been handed in to the registrar (and if you hated us that much, you won’t take our class again). And besides, I hate to tell you this, but professors know handwriting; we recognize patterns of speech; we can glean the sources of grudges. We know who it was anyway.

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