Saturday, April 5, 2014

Teacher Teaches Wrong Class All Semester

No matter how tired out you get, don’t let this happen to you. From USA Today. Be sure to watch the video.

The teacher of an introductory chemistry class at a community college here admitted to students that she taught the wrong course in the fall — and at least one student is upset because it wrecked her straight-A grade-point average.

Shortly before the class' final exam, teacher Thao Shirley Nguyen told her students that she had been teaching general chemistry all semester, student Lauren Firmin said.

"I was getting 40s (out of 100) on every test," Firmin said. "I studied as hard as I could, did everything in my power to try."

But she struggled with the more advanced material.

And the school won’t budge. Of course, eventually, it will have to make amends. The school will learn the lesson—When you make a mistake, apologize; don’t try to cover up.

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