Monday, March 10, 2014

You Create an Online Course. Who Owns It?

You create a MOOC or other online course. Can your university say thank-you and use it as they wish with no regard for you? The answer is controverted, and different schools handle the issue differently:

About 70 percent of  110 higher education institutions surveyed by Jeff Hoyt, an assistant vice dean at Middle Tennessee State University, have already locked in policies about who owns online courses. And only 10 percent let faculty keep sole ownership.

More than a third of universities claim complete control over courses and materials for themselves, the survey found, and another 41percent allow for joint ownership—meaning, for example, that professors might own the course materials they write but their colleges or universities keep the multimedia components.

Fast-growing third-party providers such as the Harvard-MIT collaboration edX, which collects and distributes courses from at least 30 universities around the world, leave the question to be resolved by member institutions.

You can read more at the Hechinger Report. The lesson: Before you engage in creative work, make sure you put all aspects of your agreement in writing.


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