Saturday, March 1, 2014

February’s Verdicts of the Month

Progressive Law Practice has picked its Verdicts of the Month. Here are two:

Most Ridiculous Verdict: Justin Beiber Urine Vids Denied to Media

Things have been tough for pop singer Justin Bieber. His legal woes seemingly contributed to a non-binding Twitterverse-generated American-Canadian-Olympic-hockey-battle-royale that apparently has made Bieber into America’s problem for the foreseeable future. But, for the time being, a judge has provided a respite. Much to the chagrin of many “Beliebers,” video of the singer taking a urine test after his DWI arrest will be denied to the media until it can be reviewed by the court.

Most Obnoxious Ruling: Army Uniform Deemed Too Influential for Jury

A San Diego judge has prohibited an active duty Army staff sergeant from wearing his uniform to court while he and his wife participate in a car crash trial. For fear the uniform would unfairly sway the jury, Sgt. Aaron Trompeter will be required to wear civilian attire, even though the jury will be made aware of his military status.Read coverage of the case from NBC San Diego.

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