Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tips from a recent grad on starting your own firm right out of law school

The author of this column from Business Insider acknowledges that most people think it is "insane" to start your own firm right out of law school.  But Branigan A. Robertson did it after earning his JD from Chapman in California and is now offering up his wisdom and tips to others who want to try to follow in his tracks. Much of his advice pertains to relentless networking and he provides a pretty good plan of attack below.

How I Started My Own Law Firm Right After Law School

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Here is a list of the essential things you must do to succeed in starting your own law firm right out of school:
  1. Ignore the People Who Say You Can't
  2. Plan Ahead
  3. Pick Only One Area of Law
  4. Pick the Right Area of Law
  5. Build a Referral Network
  6. Build a Website Immediately (and Branigan has got a nice one - check it out here)
  7. Join Organizations and Listservs
  8. Remember That Clients Don’t Care About Your GPA, Law Review, or Age
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