Friday, January 10, 2014

Is Martindale-Hubbell dead?

Hat tip to the Law Librarians Blog for the link to Martindale Hubbell: Another Legal Icon Bites the Dust from Dewey B. Strategic.  James Martindale began publishing the directory back in 1868 and it eventually became the gold standard for finding and rating attorneys.  As the DBS blog notes, it was once one of "the most heavily used reference book[s] in the law library."  But now, as the result of a joint venture between LexisNexis which owns the brand and the marketing company Internet Brands, some bloggers have noticed that the Martindale-Hubbell name is absent from their "attorney contact" services.  That, coupled with layoffs in October that saw the elimination of most of Martindale-Hubbell's staff seems to have spelled the end, for all intents and purposes, of the once iconic legal directory service.   Read the full post here and if you need more evidence that Martindale-Hubbell may have gone the way of phone books and dial-up internet, check out this photo of a New Jersey office park where the once iconic Martindale-Hubbell name has been removed. 


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