Sunday, January 12, 2014

A website where you can buy legal advice for $5.00

Although the website Fiverr has been around for a couple of years, I only recently learned about it.  It's like Etsy except you can buy services rather than goods.  "Fiverr facilitates the buying and selling of 'gigs' or micro-jobs online" in the words of Wikipedia.  Randomly searching under the topic "legal services" revealed numerous offers to conduct legal research, review or draft legal documents and provide all manner of legal advice starting at $5.00.  One such offer is from a Fiverr member named "eminentdom" who is a Florida attorney with 30 years experience and "will perform legal research on any issue (other than criminal law) using a computer database of case law, statutes and secondary authorities." For $10.00 this attorney will draft a discovery request or suggest the kind of discovery you should seek.  Then there's this service provider who for $10.00 will spend an hour researching your legal topic and provide a written report and analysis.  Fiverr relies on customer feedback to rate each service provider just like seller feedback on eBay and Amazon.

And, just as you would expect, there are sellers on Fiverr who will do your school work, including editing your written assignments, for $5.00. Are you a teacher who doesn't have time to prepare for class?  No problem!  On Fiverr you can buy a questionnaire or quiz, have a lesson plan prepared or buy a mini video lecture all for $5.00.   But my personal favorite is this guy named Owen who will do a customized video message on any topic of your choosing though he specializes in ones involving anger, rage, and hysterics.



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