Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Essential Book on Supreme Court Practice

The book is Stephen M. Shapiro, et al., Supreme Court Practice, just released in its tenth edition (Bloomberg Business 2013). No law school library should be without this hefty (1493 pages) book. It covers the Court’s rules, practices, and customs in authoritative detail. For the legal skills law professor, it is a great resource, going beyond what the standard law school texts offer. Coverage includes:

  • In-depth discussions of the jurisdictional and prudential principles that govern practice before the Supreme Court at every stage
  • Advice from some of the country’s most experienced Supreme Court practitioners on time-tested techniques for making effective written and oral presentations
  • A complete body of Supreme Court precedent, covering all the relevant decisions in the modern era
  • A wealth of historical precedent bearing on every issue of jurisdiction and procedure in each category of case on the Court’s docket
  • Updated guidelines and checklists for docketing and processing petitions for certiorari and appeals—and for pursuing a case after review has been granted
  • Expert analysis of the current 48 Rules of the Supreme Court, as amended and effective on July 1, 2013
  • A table of cases, an extensive index and a table of rules and laws—to make preparation easier and more thorough


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