Thursday, December 5, 2013

NPR Correspondent on the Value of an Education

Recently, Ari Shapiro visited Yale, his alma mater, to speak with students about his career. Here’s the quote must relevant to us:

Shapiro added that it was at Yale that he honed some of the skills that helped him in his role as a reporter.“The best thing is that you learn to read and write and think,” he said. “The skills I used in writing papers about Chaucer are the same skills I use when I read a Supreme Court opinion.” He added that being in a community as diverse as Yale, with classmates who were passionate artists, scientists, athletes, and more, also fueled his own creativity.

To my mind, the best thing you can do in law school is to continue that education and learn more about reading, writing and thinking--and also to search out interesting people.

The article is worth reading, especially the parts where Shapiro explains how he uses narrative to develop a story.


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