Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Law: What’s Hot & What’s Not

From consultant Bob Denny, here are the hot practice areas:


  • Energy. In many parts of the United States and certain foreign markets.
  • Regulatory. Particularly in health care, energy and financial services.
  • Health Care. The Affordable Care Act adds more confusion to a broad and complex area.


  • Financial Services. Including banking.
  • IPOs. They have been surprisingly hot but may be showing signs of cooling.
  • Litigation. Although, except for “bet the company” suits, it varies widely by firm. Large companies continue to send work to midsize and smaller firms due to lower rates.
  • Labor and Employment. Collective bargaining is just one of many reasons.
  • Intellectual Property. Patent litigation continues to be hot because of infringement claims filed by “patent trolls.” Now Garmin International claims to be the first company to fight back by using a new process, inter partes review (IPR), to avoid litigation. Trademark suits have also increased. Patent prosecution continues to be hot.
  • Real Estate. Due in part to a big increase in multi-family developments.
  • Corporate. Despite general counsels’ efforts to keep more work in-house. Midsize and even      some smaller firms continue to receive more work due, in part, to their lower rates.


  • Interns Rights. A small but growing area due to recent legislation in Oregon and proposed      legislation in New York state to give unpaid interns the same protection as employees.
  • Privately Held and Family Business. Also see B Corps under “Other Trends and Issues.”
  • Education. Many issues here but hourly rates remain low as do profits.
  • Elder Law. Like it or not, we’re all getting older.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). The high cost of litigation has reawakened interest in mediation and arbitration.

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