Tuesday, December 3, 2013

9th Circuit to begin live streaming arguments later this month

Just in time for teachers looking for examples of real-life oral arguments to show in class as moot court season kicks in next semester.  From The Wall Street Journal Law Blog.

Nation’s Largest Federal Appeals Court to Livestream Arguments

A judge’s comfort with allowing cameras into a courtroom seems to be inversely proportional to the prestige and power of the bench on which he or she sits. Citizens can watch a county court tax deed hearing in high definition, but the vast majority of the most consequential constitutional battles waged in our nation’s highest federal courts are transmitted to the public in just words and — hours or days later — audio.


The Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals wants to change that balance. The nation’s largest appellate court on Monday said it would provide live video streaming of its full-court proceedings, starting with five scheduled arguments this month. The televised cases include a challenge to California’s DNA swabbing law and a deadly force lawsuit against the Anaheim police.


“The Ninth Circuit has a long history of using advances in technology to make the court more accessible and transparent,” said Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski in a statement. “Video streaming is a way to open the court’s doors even wider so that more people can see and hear what transpires in the courtroom, particularly in regard to some of our most important cases.”

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