Thursday, November 7, 2013

Scams by (Alleged) Scholarly Journals

Some scammers are now targeting us—academics. In the scam world, creativity abounds. Here’s a warning from the blog of the American Historical Association:

The AHA Professional Division urges members to be aware of an increasingly common suspicious email targeting scholars in a variety of disciplines. The email consists of an offer by a supposed scholarly journal to publish a conference paper. Typically, the initial email contains grammatical errors and unprofessional language. The respondent who submits a paper for “peer review” soon learns that the paper has been accepted, but that thereis a “service charge” (for reviewing, editing and printing) that can run into the many hundreds of dollars. These solicitations have been sent from “editors” of journals that do not exist.  Scholars who respond to such  solicitations, and then revise a paper in the hope of having it published, run the risk of wasting their precious time—and money. The Professional Division recommends members diligently investigate the legitimacy of offers they receive via email from unknown sources.


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