Saturday, November 9, 2013

Helping law students develop their professional identity

This is a new article by Professor Debbie Borman (Northwestern) entitled "The Concept of Professional Identify and the Three Apprenticeships" in 20 The Law Teacher 3 (Fall 2013).   Here's an excerpt:

I define professional identity as an ability to assess legal issues from a human or non-legal perspective. Professional identity development contemplates the existential attitudes of individual authenticity and vulnerability, along with the holistic integration of intellectual tools, such as social scientific thought, into the social context.

Incorporating professional identity as an attorney necessarily involves the integration of bodies of knowledge outside of the law and making and keeping personal priorities such as work-life balance.

In teaching, ask your students the following questions:

        • Who else are you?

        • What else do you know?

        • What did you study in college?

        • What people and activities are important to you?

Law doesn’t exist in a vacuum; law is integrated into society.

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