Tuesday, November 5, 2013

“Disrespect”: A New Verb?

Sometimes, our irritation grows when we encounter a verb that didn’t used to be a verb. Examples might include “to defriend” and “to conference.” What about “to disrespect”?

Over at “Daily Writing Tips,” we learn that the word appears in the Oxford English Dictinary:

disrespect: v. trans. The reverse of to respect; to have or show no respect, regard, or reverence for; to treat with irreverence. Hence disrespected ppl. a., -ing vbl. n.

Moreover, the verb goes back to the 17th century.”

Sat. to King, Juvenilia (1633) 346 Here can I smile to see..how the mean
mans suit is dis-respected.

1633 BP. HALL
Hard Texts N.T. 11 If he love the one he must disrespect the other.

1683 CAVE
Ecclesiastici 231 (Basil) To honor him, and dis-respect his Friend, was to
stroke a man’s head with one hand, and strike him with the other.

Collect. 26 Apr., He was disrespected in Oxford by several men who now speak
well of him.

1852 L. HUNT
Poems Pref. 27 As if..sorrow disrespected things homely.

1885 G. MEREDITH Diana I. 257 You will judge whether he
disrespects me.

I guess we should be careful about getting too snobbish and disrespecting history.



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What about disrespect's little brother dis?

Posted by: Otto | Nov 6, 2013 6:47:19 AM

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