Monday, October 14, 2013

"Preparing the Transactional Lawyer: From Doctrine to Practice"

The proceedings issue from the 2012 transactional lawyering skills conference at Emory U. School of law is now available at 14 Transactions:  The Tennessee Journal of Business Law (2013).   Here's the table of contents with links:

The Lawyer's Toolbox: Teaching Students About Risk Allocation by Dana Malkus, Scott Stevenson, Eric J. Gouvin, and Usha Rodrigues

Tackling "Arithmophobia": Teaching How to Read, Understand, and Analyze Financial Statements by Paula J. Williams, Kris Anne Tobin, Eric Franklin, and Robert J. Rhee

Contract Drafting: Teaching with Forms by Kimberly Y. W. Holst and Stephen L. Sepinuck

Across the Curriculum: Integrating Transactional Skills Instruction by Jean Whitney, Lori D. Johnson, Richard Rawson, and Carol Morgan

Simulations: Collaborative Experiential Learning by Jay Finkelstein and Karl Okomoto

Preparing the Transactional Lawyer: From Doctrine to Practice by Carol Newman, George Kuney, M. Jan Connell, and Dennis R. Honabach

Preparing "Main Street" Lawyers: Practicing Without Big Firm Experience by Lisa Reel Schmidt, Steve Garland, and Robert Statchen

Measuring Student Progress: Assessing and Providing Feedback by Karen J. Sneddon, Susan M. Chesler, Stacy Bowers, and Dana M. Warren

More on Doctrinal Courses: Integrating Transactional Skills by Lenné Espenschied and Bruce G. Luna

Transactional Drafting: Teaching Tips by Judith A. Rosenbaum

Opening Remarks by Sue Payne


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