Monday, October 7, 2013

Four Lessons for the Future of Talent Development

Daniel Coyle has authored two books on the subject of talent. On his blog,
he offers models for developing talent. They are relevant to teaching and will
not surprise you:

Which brings us to the deeper question: what lessons do these organic, free-range models provide? How can they help us improve and innovate our own talent-development spaces? Here are four:

  • Focus on creating rich, people-centric ecosystems. They are based on
    the principle that the best learning happens when humans are in intense

  • Put fun first. These aren’t solemn, self-important places — rather, they’re
    looser, more user-driven. Emotion is not some background factor, but a vital
    part of the process.

  • Design for lots of mixing. People aren’t  segregated into levels
    and classes; rather, they’re mixed together in a style that might be described
    as Montessori-like, which provides a rich environment for relationships and

  • Focus far less on lectures/theory, and more on doing stuff.
    Knowledge isn’t transferred from the top down so much as it is grown from the
    bottom up, through challenge, smart design, and lots of intense reps.


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