Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another online dispute resolution service that eliminates the need for lawyers

Professor Henderson's Legal Whiteboard blog has posted a profile of a company called Modria that's entered the online dispute resolution fray.  We've blogged before about companies developing software and related services that allow parties to resolve disputes and even negotiate divorce settlements without the use of lawyers which substantially reduces transactional costs (not to mention achieving a much faster result in most instances than would be had by using lawyers).   Modria, which touts itself as the "internet's justice system," includes among its management team some of the same people who developed the dispute resolution tools used by eBay and Paypal which have been responsible for resolving more than 60 million claims according to the company's short informational video below.  Of course this type of service is not appropriate for every dispute nor will it replace the need to hire lawyers in many cases.  But neither is there any doubt that some of the work that used to go to lawyers will be increasingly done by companies like Modria. 

Check out Modria's informational video below and read Professor Henderson's take on the disruptive effect on legal practice of this company and others like it by clicking here.


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