Monday, October 7, 2013

ABA will form task force to connect new law grads looking for practice experience with modest income clients

It's called the ABA Legal Access Job Corps Task Force and the goal, much like some of the legal incubators several schools have started, is to connect new law grads looking to gain experience with modest income individuals who otherwise couldn't afford a lawyer.  ABA president James R. Silkenat explains more in this month's ABA Journal Magazine:

Legal Access Job Corps will place law grads in areas with unmet legal needs

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The American Bar Association is uniquely positioned to connect the unmet legal needs of our society and the unmet employment needs of our young lawyers. At my request, the ABA is convening a task force of experts in legal education, legal aid and legal service delivery to determine how we can help resolve both problems together.

The ABA Legal Access Job Corps Task Force is co-chaired by Chief Judge Eric Washington of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, dean Patricia White of the University of Miami School of Law, and Atlanta lawyer Allan Tanenbaum, a longtime bar leader. The task force will propose possibilities for providing legal services to underserved populations while offering work and experience to lawyers who are now entering legal practice. As part of its work, the task force will review existing initiatives that may be adopted as national models.

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Nobody denies that it will be tricky to navigate the many facets of a Legal Access Job Corps, including the issues of cost and sustainability. This should not keep us from seriously examining the issues and proposing workable solutions.

If we meet the challenges, the rewards are high. We will provide legal services to those who have been denied them by marshaling the considerable resources of lawyers who are just entering the legal profession. Through this win-win proposal, we hope to go a long way toward resolving the access-to-justice paradox.

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