Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why Do Slackers Get Ahead?

At her blog, attorney Ruth Carter explains why. Here are the key paragraphs:

A lot of professionals, and especially women, don’t
get that relationship-building aspect of networking. My female counterparts who
work in firms mistakenly believe that working hard at their jobs will
eventually get them what they want. And I don’t think that’s true – that method
will keep you where you are. The reason why the “slacker” in the office is
moving up the ranks faster is because they’re taking the time to form
mutually-beneficial relationships in and outside the company. Their connections
lead to the opportunities that get them ahead. This is why Lois Frankel
advises women that they need to spend 5% of their day “wasting time” and
building relationships.

The most successful people I know have meet and
greet meetings at least three times a week, who never eat alone, and really
get to know people. They don’t just talk to people about their work. They talk
about their kids, where they like to travel, their favorite hobbies – stuff
that feels irrelevant in the professional world, but is the stuff that matters
most. They don’t have a list of contacts; they have a network of relationships.


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