Monday, September 23, 2013

Reviews of the New iPhone 5

The reviews are very positive. The Wall Street Journal summarizes them:

There is no getting around it: the reviews are universally positive, with
many calling the latest refresh of Apple'sAAPL +0.29% smartphone the best in class. Given
that Apple also just released its completely rebuilt mobile operating system,
many reviews pulled in commentary about iOS 7, too.

There are nearly as many review roundups as there are reviews. If you are
pressed for time, the Atlantic Wire has the tightest roundup that not only skims reviews but
presents them in a table so you can also compare the 5S against the 5C. If you
are not pressed for time, kick off your shoes, pour a glass of wine and settle
in to a long  night of AnandTech, whose review also serves as user’s manual and
explanatory, historical guide.

You can read more here.


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