Sunday, September 8, 2013

Better training students in law practice management and technology

Here's another article from the recent Chicago Kent symposium on Lawyering and Legal Education in the Digital Age entitled The Teaching of Law Practice Management and Technology in Law Schools: A New Paradigm by Richard S. Granat (and here) and Stephanie Kimbro and available at 88 Chi.-Kent. L. Rev. 757 (2013) and here at SSRN.  From the abstract:

The law school curriculum is wholly inadequate to train future lawyers in law practice management and technology. Training in law practice management and law practice technology is a critical solution that will further align the skills that law students must have upon graduation with the employment needs of a radically changing legal market. As legal educators and administrators rethink their law school’s package of educational services, this article will provide guidance. Accordingly, what follows is not a traditional law review article. It is an analysis of a deficiency in one area of the traditional law school curriculum and a proposed solution to fix it.


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