Sunday, September 22, 2013

A profile of Fred Rooney - the brains behind law school incubator programs

Over at the ABA Journal Legal Rebels column there's a nice profile of Fred Rooney who was responsible for launching the first law school incubator project in 2007 at CUNY to help mentor new law grads entering practice for the first time much like medical residencies help new doctors transition from academics to practice.  And that was before the economy in general and legal job market in particular crashed.  Since then Mr. Rooney has helped at least nine more law schools start their own incubators among the seventeen in existence today.  Mr. Rooney is presently the Director of Touro Law School's International Center for Post-Graduate Development & Justice in which capacity he will be responsible for helping to start more incubators here in the U.S. and abroad.  According to this website, he is presently working to establish a "network" of law school incubator projects in the Dominican Republic and Caribbean. 

The ABA column says there are presently at least 15 more incubators in the works domestically, presumably including one at Touro that is set to launch later this year.  Go here to read the full ABA Legal Rebels column and check-out below a short video interview with Mr. Rooney courtesy of Thomson Reuters.


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