Monday, August 26, 2013

Law student opinion on Obama's proposal to make law school two years.

We've heard from several law profs about what they think of Obama's proposal to make law school two years instead of three (here, here and here) so to counterbalance those perspectives, today's Wall Street Journal Law Blog asked a couple of law students who also happen to be student bar association presidents for their take. Not surprisingly, they also are divided about the idea.

Lila C. Milford, 25 years old, is a third-year law student at Santa Clara University School of Law in Santa Clara, Ca.

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“I do understand that the cost of law school is and can be prohibitively expensive for some,” said Ms. Milford, who is financing her education through loans. “But to shorten it would in some ways make it more of a technical degree.”

She said that law school is about more than learning the basics, and that for lawyers to fulfill their duty as officers of the court requires more comprehensive study of legal history and more. “Lawyers are responsible for engaging in public discourse,” Ms. Milford said. “You need to have a solid foundation… and I don’t think you get that in less than the three full years.”

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William Branham, a 3L at Ave Maria School of Law in Naples, Fla., thought President Obama is definitely on the right track. Given the option of two-year law school, “I would have completely done it,” he said.

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