Thursday, August 22, 2013

Developing as Teachers

Over at the Institute for Legal Education blog, Professor Gerry Hess encourages us to take stock and plan for our development as the new school year begins:

As summer moves along, way too quickly, and the academic year
approaches, the time is right for us to think about our professional
aspirations for the year. How will we serve the profession, the community, the
school? What scholarship do we hope to produce? What goals do we have for our
students - the knowledge, skills, and values we hope they take away from each
of our courses? Those questions get to the heart of our role as legal

If we are serious about continuing to grow as teachers,
we should ask another set of questions as well. What will we do to:

  • Deepen our knowledge of teaching and
    learning principles?

  • Articulate and refine our teaching

  • Heighten our level of confidence in our

  • Increase our enthusiasm and passion for

Make appropriate changes in our
teaching practices?

Gerry offers a menu of development activities.   You can read it here.


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