Monday, August 12, 2013

Campbell Law School considers starting clinic to advice small businesses

Campbell is part of the Raleigh-Durham "triangle" region and this story comes to us from the Triangle Business Journal:

Campbell law school's legal clinic holds promise for small businesses

Campbell University law Dean Rich Leonard caught my attention recently when he said he’s considering a legal clinic where students would help small businesses, for example with licensing issues.

Clinics are a staple of students’ third and final years of law school. They’re a chance for students to work under law professors in serving clients of limited means.

It’s usually low-income individuals or public-interest nonprofits, such as one that focuses on keeping a particular watershed pollution-free. Campbell’s two existing clinics are for elder law and juvenile law, both of which are fairly common among law schools.

Legal clinics focused on helping business owners are a bit rarer. Neither UNC nor Elon University, in Burlington, has one. NC Central University has a general small-business clinic, which shares a focus with community development, as one of its 10 clinics. Duke University has a clinic that serves entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The imbalance is certainly understandable. Business owners may be nervous at the prospect of relying on non-attorneys for legal advice, and can pay for fully professional representation. And law students who represent, say, moderate-income taxpayers in tax issues, are still gaining valuable experience they’ll be able to put to use later in providing tax advice to businesses.

Still, Leonard’s idea strikes me as a potential step in a fruitful direction.

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