Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Lesson in Dealing with Tough Student Confrontations

From Leadership 360:

Antoinette Tuff's actions at the Ronald E. McNair Discovery
Learning Academy in Georgia were inarguably courageous. They were also inspired
by her faith and her own experience with loss and despair. Without either one,
she might not have reached that disturbed young man. Most agree, given his AK
47 and 500 rounds of ammunition, that she prevented what could have been
another Sandy Hook tragedy. For everyone at the Academy, she was certainly the
right person at the right moment. Her decision to engage was spontaneous and
remarkable; her actions were brave; her intuition and skill diffused a
potential tragedy. No lives were lost, though many may be changed. What she
succeeded at doing is nothing short of heroic. We want to highlight her source
for heroism because it holds a lesson.

She was calm and reassuring as she told him "It's going
to be alright sweetheart." Antoinette Tuff opened her heart to Michael
Brandon Hill, the 20 year old, heavily armed man with a mental health problem
who was off his medications. She did not know him. Her capacity to move to love
made all the difference.

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