Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Masters Degrees for NonLawyers

An increasing number of law schools are offering short courses of studies for nonlawyers. From the National Law Journal:

Emory is among nearly 30 law schools that have or soon will offer a master's degree for nonlawyers, up from just a handful two years ago, according to the school's director of graduate programs, Lynn Labuda. The programs differ slightly in name, structure and cost, but they generally are marketed to working professionals. While the movement remains in its early stages, to administrators across the country it represents a promising counterpoint to waning interest in the traditional three-year J.D. degree.


"The catalyst has been economic," said Douglas Sylvester, dean of Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, which next year will expand its eight-year-old Master of Legal Studies (MLS) program to include a track for nonlawyers who want to work with ­patents. "I would expect that we will see more of this in the future, unless the legal economy improves."

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