Sunday, July 7, 2013

Florida Coastal School of Law announces staff lay-offs

Joining a small number of other law schools that have announced lay-offs of staff, faculty (here, here and here) or both  due to declining enrollments, this story from reports that Florida Coastal has let go 12 staff members due to declining tuition revenue.  The story also reports that while no faculty lay-offs are planned, a small number have left on their own accord and that those positions will not be refilled.   Professor (Colorado) Paul Campos reports at Lawyers, Guns & Money that he has spoken to at least one of the faculty members in question and the departure was "in no sense voluntary."


Florida Coastal School of Law has laid off about a dozen employees.

The job cuts are across the board in the support staff services areas for the law school on Jacksonville’s Southside off Baymeadows Road, said Brooks Terry, communication director for the school. He said Tuesday that most of the job cuts are reflective of a drop in enrollment for fall classes at the small campus, which has about 1,300 students.

He said he didn’t have specific numbers.

In addition to staff cuts, Terry said there is some natural attrition of a limited number of faculty members voluntarily leaving who will not be replaced. But he stressed no faculty members were laid off in the process.

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