Monday, July 1, 2013

CLEA Petitions ABA to Require 15 Credits of Experiential Classes

According to the Best Practices for Legal Education Blog, the Clinical Legal Education Association has petitioned the Council of the American Bar Association’s Section for Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar to require law schools to offer 15 hours of experiential education in the second and third years.

CLEA President, Kate Kruse, has declared:

"CLEA contends that the present standards do not adequately prepare students for the practice of law and that 15 hours of professional experience (representing about one-sixth of a student’s total credit hours) are certainly the minimum necessary to ensure that law school graduates are competent to begin practicing law. Concerned that the ABA was not doing enough, the California State Bar Task Force on Admissions Regulation Reform recently proposed a similar pre-admission practical skills training program for all law students seeking admission to the California bar.  CLEA’s proposed amendment, filed under Rule 803(d) of the ABA Rules of Procedure for Approving Law Schools, requires the ABA to formally refer the request to committee and report back with a recommendation regarding the proposal."

I strongly agree with CLEA's proposal, and I hope the ABA adopts this proposal.

Update: It appears that Jim and I posted on this subject at the same time last night.  While his post has more information, I am keeping my post up because I want to urge legal skills organizations to support this proposal.

(Scott Fruehwald)

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