Sunday, June 9, 2013

Paralegal Salaries are Rising

That’s the conclusion of a study by ALM and the International Paralegal Management Association.    Here are excerpts:

  • The highest paid law firm positions in 2013 are Litigation Support/Technology/eDiscovery Manager at $79.41 per hour, up from $77.72 in 2012, and Paralegal Director at $73.48, up from $67.73. Among law departments, Paralegal Director is the top title at $60.74 per hour, followed by Litigation Support Project Manager at $57.42.
  • Paralegals without management duties saw their average hourly base increase $2.50 per hour at law firms to $35.98, from $33.49 in 2012. Their colleagues at law departments saw virtually no change in their hourly rate, currently at $31.46 from last year’s $31.50.
  • Bonuses at law firms rose sharply on average for Paralegal Directors to $16,149 in 2013 from $13,325 last year, and Case Managers were up to $8,267 from $6,297. Paralegal bonuses fell slightly to $3,426 from $3,511. Among law departments, Paralegals’ average bonuses fell to $5,835 from $6,194 in 2012.


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