Saturday, May 4, 2013

Two Florida schools react to the "crisis" in legal education.

One, Ave Maria School of Law in Naples, says that it is "unfazed" by a possible 20% drop in applications for the coming academic year.  Dean Eugene Milhizer says that the school, which was founded with seed money from Domino's Pizza magnate Thomas Monaghan, is in the best financial shape ever and thus no longer dependent on Mr. Monaghan's largess.  So even with a signficant drop in applications it does not expect to lay off staff or faculty (unlike, for example, Vermont School of Law which has already endured one round of staff downsizing). 

From the

Ave Maria, the only law school in Southwest Florida, teaches the fundamentals of law, but connects it to spirituality, morality and ethics. Milhizer says that’s why the institution is continuing to thrive while others have uncertain futures.“We’re not like every other law school,” Milhizer said. “We’re distinct in our mission.”

In Orlando, the Dean of Barry University School of Law announced a tuition freeze in response to the financial "crisis" facing higher ed.  From The Orlando Business Journal:

“Institutions of higher education across the country have been facing financial challenges, and in many cases the resulting tuition increases have far outpaced inflation, placing an undue financial strain on students,” Dean Leticia Diaz said in a press release. “We hope that by keeping tuition flat we can help ease some of the financial burden that comes with the important investment our Barry Law students have made in their future.”


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