Thursday, May 2, 2013

Suffolk Law Launches Institute on Law Practice Technology & Innovation

From Attorney at Work:

With Professor Andrew Perlman at the helm, Suffolk University Law School in Boston recently created the Institute on Law Practice Technology & Innovation. Its purpose: To “study how technology is revolutionizing the practice of law.” Professor Perlman plans to accomplish this by offering programs to the community and courses for students on how lawyers can use technology in innovative ways (including integrating Google Glass into classrooms and practice, and developing a mobile app for trial attorneys), but also by connecting and working with entrepreneurs experimenting in legal technology.

The official kickoff event for the Institute was held on April 18 (#SUFutureLaw), featuring legal technology specialist Richard Susskind, followed by a panel discussion with senior-ranking attorneys at a major corporation, large law firm and legal consultancy. With other preeminent legal scholars and technologists in the room, you can imagine what sort of big ideas were conjured up. 

The discussion emphasized five realities:

1. Commoditization is inevitable, so you might as well learn to take advantage of it. 

 2. External forces stimulate change

3. “Skype on steroids” and other incredible technologies are available now.

4. Law jobs are bound to change

5. We must “adopt and co-opt.” 

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