Saturday, May 11, 2013

Many College Presidents Are Doubtful About MOOCs.

Discussion about MOOCs—Massive Open Online Courses—pervades the education media. I strongly suspect that MOOCs are about to explode in the legal education world. Yet a recent Gallup survey indicates that college presidents have doubts about this educational development (excerpts):

But it turns out that -- when asked privately -- most presidents don't seem sure at all that MOOCs are going to transform student learning, or reduce costs to students -- two of the claims made by MOOC enthusiasts and an increasing number of politicians and pundits.

. . .

On MOOCs, only small minorities of presidents strongly believe that they will improve the learning of all students (3 percent), solve colleges' financial challenges (2 percent) or cut what students spend on higher education (8 percent). Much larger shares of presidents strongly disagree with those statements. Presidents were more likely to see MOOCs promoting creative pedagogies or getting the best teachers in front of more students, but even on those topics, many presidents appear doubtful.

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