Monday, May 6, 2013

Lawyers & Psychiatrists Analyze "The Walking Dead" (Zombies)

Lawyers tend to see the world through legal eyes, and psychiatrists likewise see the world through the eyes of their profession. Now we learn the answers to legal and medical questions posed by the TV series “The Walking Dead.” Over at Wired, we learn the answers (Warning: below are some spoilers for season 3. Also, even some of the questions below are a bit gruesome):

Do the Undead Have Legal Responsibilities?

Are Mercy Killings Legal During the Zombie Apocalypse?

Was It Illegal for Rick to Help Andrea Commit Suicide?

Was It Legal for Rick to Chop Off Hershel’s Leg?

How Does the Zombie Apocalypse Affect Moral Reasoning?

What Makes the Governor a Psychopath–But Not Rick?

Why Do the People of Woodbury Follow the Governor?


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