Saturday, May 18, 2013

Is Work-Life Balance a Fraud?

The current ABA President thinks so:

No. It’s not. The answer is so easy. Not achievable. I think it’s actually a misrepresentation. Talking about work-life balance is fraud. Alright. It’s particularly fraud to young women or any, any age woman who thinks there’s somebody out there, they look at me and they say, ‘Oh, you don’t look that tired, how do you do it all, Laurel?’ That question assumes that I do it all. That question doesn’t take into account what it takes to get through a week—but loving it at the same time.

Others may disagree. This posting at Attorney at Work offers the views of several lawyers. I think that the balance is very hard  to achieve if you have a demanding job or if by nature, you have a  lot of passion for your work. I always find the balancing act to be a challenge.


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