Sunday, May 12, 2013

Complaining to Your Boss About a Colleague

Sometimes, a coworker’s conduct or inaction forces you to respond and even bring the problem to an administrator. How do you raise the issue in a professional manner that doesn’t make you look like a whiner? Here’s advice from Nancy Mulloy-Bonn, the Director of ALI-CLE:

  1. Your boss’ time is scarce, and she does not relish a visit from a complainer.  
  2.  What exactly is your complaint?  
  3.  What action are you asking your boss to take?  
  4.  Speak in the affirmative, not the negative.  
  5.  Focus on facts, not speculation or opinion.  
  6.  Speak for yourself and no one else. You
  7. Don’t preface your remark with, “Please don’t tell anyone I spoke to you about this.”  
  8.  Use your best ammo, and discard the petty stuff.

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