Thursday, April 18, 2013

Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

The following deal with more than etiquette. They deal with treating others as human beings. Though pretty basic, they’re worth passing on to your students. From the ALI-CLE blog:

If you have morphed into a robot, click CLOSE. If you have managed to hold onto to your humanity in this cyber-century, realize that humans like it when other humans treat them like humans.

Here are your tools for simple, routine acknowledgment. Select and apply as you see fit:

Eye contact

Tip of the head



“Hi, Jack.”

“Hi, Jack, glad to see you’re walking without the crutches.”

Here are ten dos and don’ts for the quick office pass-by:

DO make your acknowledgement appropriate to the relationship and situation.

DO use a name and personalize, but respect the other’s time.

DO make your acknowledgement big enough to be received, but don’t overdo.

DO be brief. It’s an office, not a pub; everyone is supposed to be working.

DO realize that everyone is human; snub the guard and risk a hassle when you forget your ID.

DON’T be uppity. No hallway comments on operas, yachts, caviar, etc.

DON’T wink. No one ever knows what that means.

DON’T be creepy. No weird voices.

DON’T make exaggerated body movements. You are not a clown or a mime.

DON’T interrupt, stare, drool or ask for an autograph. (Senior partner is walking Jay-Z and Beyonce around: step in only if partner signals you.)


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