Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cost comparison between WestlawNext and Westlaw Classic

Hat tip to our good buddies at the Law Librarian Blog for alerting us to this recent article which subjected both products to the Pepsi Challenge and found that WestlawNext can sometimes cost twice as much as original flavor Westlaw.  The article by law librarian Emily Marcum is called The Quest for Client Savings in Online Research: WestlawNext v. Westlaw Classic and is available at 32 Legal Ref. Serv. Q. 142 (2013).  Here's the abstract:


"The cost to the client of Westlaw versus WestlawNext was assessed using two research methodologies. One methodology reflected real-world questions over time across categories. The other methodology had artificially generated questions broken down by category and evenly numbered across platforms. In both experiments, WestlawNext cost the client roughly double the cost of Westlaw Classic. Simplified pricing plans were cheaper for primary law and expert materials but were more expensive for other categories."



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Corrected. Thank you!

Posted by: James | Apr 12, 2013 8:32:00 PM

Are you sure that is the correct abstract?

Posted by: Otto | Apr 12, 2013 3:21:20 AM

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