Wednesday, April 3, 2013

ASU Law School creates law firm to help launch new grads

From the National Jurist Magazine:

ASU starts law firm to employ, train recent grads

Arizona State University is the latest school to launch a program designed to hire and mentor recent graduates.
The Law Group will be a stand-alone, nonprofit firm, modeled after a teaching hospital. It will be a full-service, fee-based institution that will provide legal services to clients, focusing on those who cannot afford to pay current market rates.

It is designed to prepare recent graduates to move from the classroom to practice by using experienced attorneys as supervisors.

. . . .

The firm will be comprised of four to five litigation and transactional practice groups, with five recent College of Law graduates serving as associates in each, for terms of up to three years. The groups will each be overseen by supervising attorneys. In addition to providing on-the-job training, the firm will provide formal training to junior lawyers on substantive areas of law, essential skills, and client development and retention. The firm will hire about 10 ASU law graduates per year for a total of 30 associates at any one time.

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